Lion Polymers services the following markets:

  • Pipe and conduit (duct), including NSF/PPI listed Blue or Black masterbatch for pressure pipe.
    • Having problems with pipe or conduit color fading, or UV degradation? Call us. We are UV experts.
  • Extruded film
  • Blow molding
  • Injection molding
  • Extruded sheet and profiles
  • Extrusion coating

Lion Polymers offers a full line of specialty color concentrates.

Lion Polymers offers prime color concentrates that are available in stock colors or in a rainbow of special made-to-order colors based on your precise specifications or color match requirements.

Color Concentrates are available in HDPE, PP, LDPE or LLDPE carrier resins

Our color concentrates are compatible with most resin types. They are routinely used to provide vibrant color to HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE and copolymer derivatives of each of those polymer types.

  • Anti-static Black Concentrate or Compound
  • Special Use Products
  • Conductive Black Concentrate or Compound
  • Semi-conductive Black Concentrate or Compound
  • Lion Polymers can assist with formulation but product suitability and approval is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

For additional information on Color Concentrates, please contact customer service today.


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