Flexible Custom Compounds

Flexible compounds built from a variety of thermoplastic elastomers designed for injection molding or extrusion

Lionpol Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) or Thermoplastic Olefins (TPO)

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE or TPO varieties) enable producers and users to custom design natural rubber alternatives with very specific performance properties. Lionpol thermoplastic elastomers TPE compounds are designed for use in injection molding or extrusion systems and are available in a variety of base polymers including polyolefins and styrene copolymers.

Lion Polymers offers a complete line of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE as well as TPO) from Shore A hardness of 3 to 95 to a Shore D hardness of 55. Lion Polymers “Lionpol” TPE’s are especially suited for outdoor use where light and oxidative stability are required. Chemical resistance of our compounds is better than that of many alternatives. Other performance enhancing additive packages can be incorporated into any product as end use performance requirements dictate.

Typical injection molding applications for Lionpol thermoplastic elastomers include soft-touch surfaces for tools, tooth brushes, hair brushes, mouse pads and a myriad of other hand-held items. They can also be used in place of plasticized PVC film or sheet for cladding of various assemblies. Lionpol thermoplastic elastomers (TPE or TPO) are available in natural or pre-colored form. Filled or reinforced versions of most of our products are available by request. We can also supply fragrance-containing versions of many of our products.

Lion Polymers offers special thermoplastic elastomer compounds which offer excellent adhesion to selected substrates. Lionpol thermoplastic elastomers are ideal for injection molding use in dual-layer applications (usually referred to as overmolding) or for bonding layers of dissimilar polymers. This enables otherwise incompatible polymers to be used together in the same item.