Meliflex TPE/TPO for medical applications

Meliflex is the resin of choice for medical packaging and devices. The chemical nature of Meliflex compounds makes them ideal for medical applications as Meliflex is produced from pure and chemically inert raw materials. Meliflex is halogen free and does not contain plasticizers.

While this section focuses extensively on medical uses for Meliflex alloys, there are a myriad of other applications for the products. Virtually any product that is currently being made from plasticized PVC, but which might benefit from the elimination of phthalates or from downgauging is an excellent candidate for use of Meliflex alloys.

Meliflex offers advantages
in medical packaging
and devices

  • High cost effectiveness
  • Specific gravity of 0,9 g/cm3
  • Film gauge reduction up to 50% compared to flexible PVC
  • Low heat-sealing temperature allowing fast welding times and peel-sealing
  • Flexibility without adding plasticizers
  • High frequency welding
  • Easy processing and assembly
  • No toxic emissions during processing

Meliflex offers
advantages for health-care providers

  • Water vapor barrier properties superior to PVC
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • No significant leaching
  • Good resistance to puncture and tearing
  • Excellent see-through clarity
  • Kink resistant tubing
  • Sterilizable by autoclave at 121°C, EtO, gamma and E-beam
  • Good impact properties at low temperatures

Meliflex offers advantages
in disposal and waste handling

  • Cost of disposal reduced due to lower density and down gauge advantages
  • Non-hazardous disposal
  • Environmentally sound, i.e. 100% organic, emissions when incinerated